Back in the days, young people had activities to keep their minds thinking, their energy pumping, their grades souring and their creativity inspired. They had after-school programs, YMCA, YWCA, Boys & Girls Club, Sugar Ray Robinson Youth Foundation Etiquette Workshops, they had the Arts, Drama, Music, Dance, and Set Construction!!!

Parents were stable knowing their children had a safe and secure place that allowed them a comfortable location to discover their gifts, study their crafts, do their homework, create and expel extra energy that may have kept them active and occupied till they went back home.

With Next Stage Production, our Youth Matter!  Which is why we incorporated Z Generation.org.  The Millennium segment of young people needed an outlet of their own.  Today, they are extremely connected in the areas of Social Media.   Their education must not be limited and their emotions, and voices must be considered!  As a mentor our young people are  given an opportunity to reach deep down and discover, who they are and what they have to offer to this world today.  Knowledge is never limited. Young People have a Voice and they need to think it, discover it, speak it and share it!  Because they are The Z GENERATION!  An absolute  foreground of  NEXT STAGE PRODUCTION!!